Code of conduct tensile

The kites produce a considerable amount of push / levitation and this has its own dangers, based on this HAIZALDI has developed the following code of conduct and requests that all users kites take this code for your own safety and the general public and also invites viewers to act safely and responsibly.

1) Help promote safe practice flight and inherent activities; is recommended to wear a helmet and other protective.

2) Be aware that members of the public may not know the potential dangers that can lead flight activity.

3) When you're deploying your cerciórate kite is properly secured, preferably by a peg / peak that is visible and is anchored to the ground, do not leave unattended items, if you plan to stay a long time on the ground, it is advisable to secure (throwing sand on the kite buggy or adding weight / mountain) preventing accidental flight.

4) We recommend only the unfolding of a kite every time, since the lines and even bags of comets may become a potential danger.

5) Give way to others and respects animals and pedestrians maintaining a safe distance from them.

6) Always aware of the position of the other in relation to yourself and your, particularly when you're taking off or turning movement. A physical or verbal notice will always be a help to those around you.
A general rule is that in a frontal collision risk both pilots must make an evasive maneuver to the right.

7) As a rule of education set, that where possible, not pass over the lines found in the soil.

8) Always carry proof of their membership in the association and insurance, and teach it if it is required.

9) Always remember to leave a space for the access of emergency services if their intervention was necessary.

10) Follow the code field and collect all the garbage, either putting it in buckets or taking her with him, leave the area of ​​flight leaving it clean for others to enjoy. Do not let them say, and say it to your shame, everything was fine until you came.