Kites flyable

For those defined flyable kites kites can direct our desire. Kites is two or more lines and we can do very showy maneuvers.

Hablamos, basically acrobatic kites and kites “Revo”.

The kites are also flyable but more drive the vehicle they are mounted to the drive, proper, Kite.

With multiple kites can do tricks and maneuvers, from eight and the classic “spin” her, until all easy Fade, Axel the Slide. (see videos of comets Acrobatic Tricks section “Multimedia”)

The kites “Revo” allow us to control the kite almost millimeter and can do almost the same thing and also with an acrobatic stop in the air, going astern, lower it and make it up when we want, supported or leave standing without support, play with the crests of the waves and many other precision maneuvers. (see video demonstration in the Photos and Videos)

There are other comets flyable, the two lines foil, the acrobatic three lines, but most of them and some are not going to say anything, for the time being, your time will come. Visit again later this section to have more information or browse the web a little friends in “Links”.

Do not miss this video, a genius driving three comets at once: