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The KiteBuggy is a new sport related wind slowly being known and gaining popularity worldwide.

Word “Kite-Buggy” literally means “comet-Cart” and moving means mounted on a "shopping cart", called Buggy, that is pulled by a kite using only energy as wind power. This Buggy is a simple tubular vehicle 3 wheels where the address is directed by the pilot's feet and hands control a candle also called kite or traction kite, which is charged with the wind to generate enough force to make you move to where you want and at high speeds.

One of the great attractions that brings buggy roll, along with kite flying, exerted on the practitioner's perceived sense of freedom from the moment in which the strings are tightened and the kite begins its flight.

This sport is generally practiced on beaches, although fans inside and places located away from these idyllic seascapes meadows or areas should be located downwind and not too woody.

Thus was born the KiteBuggy Crossxtrem, Kitebuggy mode practiced in meadows and slopes.

To practice Kitebuggy need to have a comet, a buggy, a flight and, most importantly: wind!!

Manual de Kitebuggy

Rules of Racing