Summary 2013

En breve publicaremos los resumenes de todos los eventos donde hemos estado y los talleres que hemos realizado durante este pasado 2013.

Promo event in Santa Cruz De Mudela (Ciudad Real)

This time the appointment was in Santa Cruz De Mudela (Ciudad Real),

On Friday at about half past two p.m., after leaving work, we put to Ciudad Real Angel,,es,After nearly seven hours of travel we turned up at the expected spot,,es,Good thing we find natives on the road to La Campa,,es,filmed several pretty busy with a campas,,es, Iker and Antonio. Tras cerca de siete de horas de viaje nos presentamos en el esperado spot, menos mal que nos encontramos con los autóctonos por el camino a la campa, Thanks for leading us. Meeting with many old friends and many new presentation, cenita of ” barbacoa made in Bokeron” a few laughs as they come more friends. The fatigue of the week and make a dent travel and go to sleep prontico.

On Saturday at the motel and we keep meeting people will make in the meadows and even more, time gives us something rarefied revos opportunity to fly after the watchful eye and advice of the great Fernan, thanks friend. After much eating we ventured to shoot a little while until the wind dropped and the rain appears.

The fellowship dinner in the motel itself was very, very good, good food and lots of lively people, then draws several desktop and enlivened with some musiquita, thank Iker and a chive. Many animation, luego to tell lies dessert.

On Sunday prontico to the meadows, rodadas varias con unas campas bastante concurridas, lots of atmosphere, collecting material, tetris to get into the car and after all we could fire all the way home.

Thank for me my trip compis output make this one to remember for a long time.

Luis also Telemaco (and his friends) for hosting and organize, I know it's a lot of work.

All the usual (not name in case I leave any) and to new, to do that every time we get together in one of these moves we bring us great stories and memories

I leave a few photos, not many and even some are borrowed. They do not show everything that happened on the weekend but as shown…


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Kite Workshop in Huarte (Pamplona)


IMG_3726 IMG_3729 IMG_3739

This Sunday the 10 the Women's Association MARI ANDRE huarte have wanted us to celebrate his birthday, us happy.

First day for our new partner in the club,Cesar, luxury you did, welcome

Many people in a town square, everyone wanting to have a great.

Seguid asi chicas, with such enthusiasm and joy. A hug

IMG_3736 IMG_3737IMG_3735

Kites in the snow (Urbasa)

aitor iñigo loren

Last Sunday 3 March met with a few of haizaldi kite and friends , in magnificent meadows in Urbasa.

Sun,snow, some wind and good company , perfect ingredients for a day and very good to see and test the discipline unknown to many.